Painting Horses in Watercolour

I have had this gorgeous horse image in my image bank for months now and have been building up to painting it.   I finally completed it and enjoyed getting the muzzle min particular to a high degree of finish – something I have never done before as I found it very hard. That was remedied in part thanks to 10 weeks spent studying … Continue reading Painting Horses in Watercolour

Christmas Art Gifts

Are you looking for a retro floral look this Christmas? If you love animals and seasonal wreaths you may like my Christmas Wreath Set of 3 8×10 inch prints – portrait format – SAVE by buying this set of 3! Or buy them individually. Total cost for the 3 prints is $70 plus shipping – that’s approx. £49 plus shipping in pounds! :)) A fine and … Continue reading Christmas Art Gifts

Waste Not Want Not

Working as a freelance artist every little helps and so I have managed to not waste a single scrap of my A3+ sized archival Epson printing paper. At £35 a pack of 20 sheets you can see why. I use this paper exclusively to print my archival animal watercolours. For the last 5 years since I’ve been a self-employed artist selling on I’ve used … Continue reading Waste Not Want Not

Painting Goats in Watercolour

THOSE EYES! They have those strange hypnotic eyes – don’t they? – goats? Their pupils are a distinctive horizontal ellipse and added to their cloven hooves and raffish beards they are very paintable. As some subscribers will have read I visited a local small holding last month and actually smoothed and petted a goat for the first time in my life. She was a petite … Continue reading Painting Goats in Watercolour

Top 5 Qualities I Strive for in my Watercolours

  There are so many brilliant watercolour artists around these days aren’t there? Just a brief search on Google brings up a plethora of distinctive styles all using this elegant and mercurial medium. There are many techniques, approaches and special additives you can add to watercolour to experiment further with different effects. Being immersed in art we all feed off one another to a degree – one … Continue reading Top 5 Qualities I Strive for in my Watercolours

Sight Size Approach to Drawing – All in a Term’s Work at the Welsh Academy of Art

Having painted in watercolour for over 25 years I realised the value of a good sound drawing – but I could never have imagined the delights and enlightened teaching that awaited me when I enrolled by telephone for the Summer Term 2016 at the Welsh Academy of Art. I had decided that I needed some serious educational input into my art in order to eventually … Continue reading Sight Size Approach to Drawing – All in a Term’s Work at the Welsh Academy of Art

Painting Birds in Watercolour

If you love animals and work in watercolour no doubt you will probably have tried painting birds. The endless array of species of beautiful birds will keep us painting for  a lifetime and watercolour lends itself perfectly to capture the feather colours and textures with ease. You can use flowing wet into wet techniques in the early stages of painting birds; adding darker colours to … Continue reading Painting Birds in Watercolour