Jack Russell Love – some simple sketches

Just did a few simple and rough Jack Russell pencil sketches in my big new sketchbook. Used a Derwent Onyx Medium pencil for a rich scruffy line. Here are some photos of my girls Dotty and Tilly taken in my back garden this summer. I want to paint them in watercolour so watch this space. Below is a painting I did of Dotty a few … Continue reading Jack Russell Love – some simple sketches

Sketching Geese in Pencil

This morning I had the urge to put pencil to paper and geese were on my mind. They appeal to me because of their associations with fairytales and golden eggs and a bit of magic. They also make good guard dogs and one once bit my father’s thumb really badly. I use big A3 pads of cheap paper from Poundstretcher etc so that when I … Continue reading Sketching Geese in Pencil