So I drew a Monsterra

A Monsterra not a monster:) Sitting very quietly and focusing on one leaf at a time I draw the contours of this – one of my fave indoor plants – as an exercise in observation and modified contour drawing. It is very relaxing. Read all about this technique in Betty Edwards’s book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.I have this plant sprawling recklessly … Continue reading So I drew a Monsterra

Art Blossom Day

This Thursday I had two ladies  – Christine and Barbara – come to my home studio for a watercolour painting day. They are members of Pentyrch Art Society and I have also know Christine from when we were both painting at Arnold Lowrey’s watercolour classes years and years ago. There was much chat about types of paint, brands of paper and models of palettes and … Continue reading Art Blossom Day

Sketching Geese in Pencil

This morning I had the urge to put pencil to paper and geese were on my mind. They appeal to me because of their associations with fairytales and golden eggs and a bit of magic. They also make good guard dogs and one once bit my father’s thumb really badly. I use big A3 pads of cheap paper from Poundstretcher etc so that when I … Continue reading Sketching Geese in Pencil