Discover Eye-catching Animal Prints

Want vibrant, modern animal imagery for your space? Order now from EasyArt – they do all the work for you by offering stretched canvases or framed prints. Save on time and trips to the framer! Fancy a shot of magical purple with a flouncy dragonfly? then click here. or a flamboyant coral rose flamingo to bring the tropics into your home? click here. Feeling mellow … Continue reading Discover Eye-catching Animal Prints

Put Some Size Into It!

A new discovery! offers my art in larger sizes than I could ever hope to produce myself and they offer stretched canvas looks as well as larger format traditional watercolour prints with framed options too. For now I have licensed some of my popular animals to see how it goes but I am excited. So many collectors ask for larger sizes and so now I … Continue reading Put Some Size Into It!