Woodland Nursery Wreath Collection

I’d like to introduce a cute collection of woodland animals that I painted in watercolour. They are a chubby brown bear, a curious kit, a demure bunny and an innocent fawn. The charm of woodland animals makes them lovely subjects for nurseries and to give them just a hint of flora too I painted a watercolour wreath featuring green leaves and orange berries – just … Continue reading Woodland Nursery Wreath Collection

Sketching a young male deer

I have been asked to paint a young stag and it’s with delight that I begin. Just before Christmas I bought The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey and it cast a spell over me for the whole week during which I sat snuggled up reading it. Why? because it is set in times past in frontier Alaska where snow, log cabins and basic living are the … Continue reading Sketching a young male deer