Painting Birds in Watercolour

If you love animals and work in watercolour no doubt you will probably have tried painting birds. The endless array of species of beautiful birds will keep us painting forĀ  a lifetime and watercolour lends itself perfectly to capture the feather colours and textures with ease. You can use flowing wet into wet techniques in the early stages of painting birds; adding darker colours to … Continue reading Painting Birds in Watercolour

Goosey Goosey Gander – my latest animal obsession

The shape and attitude of geese appeals to me. They seem very feisty and make good guard dogs and I love their plump and curvaceous lines plus the pure white feathers. They smack of the magical and the fairytale which is right up my street. My first original goose gouache. 7×10 inches on hot pressed high white paper 140lbs by Saunders Waterford – unstretched So … Continue reading Goosey Goosey Gander – my latest animal obsession

Unexpected Visitors – fairytale drawings

Inspired by a very old and wide knarled tree with a door that I photographed back in the summer this drawing has geese coming around to visit their friend who lives in the tree. 11×8 inch drawing of an old tree with geese Trouble is, she wasn’t expecting them and has nothing in to give them – hence the slightly perplexed look on her face.I … Continue reading Unexpected Visitors – fairytale drawings

Getting in a really Fowl Mood for Christmas

Not literally but artistically! I have been asked to paint s pheasant and a goose. The goose is from a photo I took of one near Caerphilly castle where I live last May. She could make a lovely accent piece in a rustic country kitchen or equally in a farmyard themed nursery perhaps:) To purchase a print of this goose please click here – reading Getting in a really Fowl Mood for Christmas

Sketching Geese in Pencil

This morning I had the urge to put pencil to paper and geese were on my mind. They appeal to me because of their associations with fairytales and golden eggs and a bit of magic. They also make good guard dogs and one once bit my father’s thumb really badly. I use big A3 pads of cheap paper from Poundstretcher etc so that when I … Continue reading Sketching Geese in Pencil