An Oldie but a Goodie – watercolour poppy demo

I am doing a demo at a local art society on Tuesday and will be doing a poppy. So many people want to capture the breath-taking beauty of this flower that it is a popular subject and one I also love to paint. Here is an old video (last year) of me painting a group of poppies in the breeze. Underneath are some other poppies … Continue reading An Oldie but a Goodie – watercolour poppy demo

Watercolour Jumping off Points

Sometimes you can carry on too long with a painting. I recently prepared a magnolia watercolour demo for an upcoming class I have. I painted the flowers and petals and stems in stages and took shots as the painting developed. At the point where I had defined the flowers and stems sufficiently (photo above) I thought it needed a background and so picked a green … Continue reading Watercolour Jumping off Points