Top 5 Qualities I Strive for in my Watercolours

  There are so many brilliant watercolour artists around these days aren’t there? Just a brief search on Google¬†brings up a plethora of¬†distinctive styles all using this elegant and mercurial medium. There are many techniques, approaches and special additives you can add to watercolour to experiment further with different effects. Being immersed in art we all feed off one another to a degree – one … Continue reading Top 5 Qualities I Strive for in my Watercolours

Oh to be in England!

I know this is a little late as the poem is about Springtime in England but there again our seasons are all a bit behind. Whilst visiting Hampton Court Castle Gardens near Hereford back in June my friend Anne and I were treated to a river walk around the stately home with its atmospheric Victorian greenhouses. It was graced by Maytrees in full fluttery white … Continue reading Oh to be in England!