Watercolour Jumping off Points

Sometimes you can carry on too long with a painting. I recently prepared a magnolia watercolour demo for an upcoming class I have. I painted the flowers and petals and stems in stages and took shots as the painting developed. At the point where I had defined the flowers and stems sufficiently (photo above) I thought it needed a background and so picked a green … Continue reading Watercolour Jumping off Points

Art Demo – Ladybird in Watercolour

For this simple yet dramatic demo I used hot pressed paper 9olbs by Arches of France but any hot pressed paper or medium (not) paper will do. I used a No 3 and a No 8 round watercolour brush and the main colours are New Gamboge (yellow), Scarlet Lake, Cadmium Red, French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna. I did not stretch the paper first as I … Continue reading Art Demo – Ladybird in Watercolour

Animal Magic – start your OWN animal gallery in 2013

Appealing and whimsical animal art adds a certain natural essence to any space you wish to transform. If you love nature in all her glorious forms I have a large selection of animal watercolours that I have painted over the last 3 years. Prior to that I had never painted an animal as I found them too challenging but a lady asked me to paint … Continue reading Animal Magic – start your OWN animal gallery in 2013

Little Jewel – Pili Pala Coffee Shop

Now I’m a devil for a lovely little coffee shop and if it can tempt me with homemade cakes and pretty arty crafty things to buy I’m doubly happy! Well I got all this and more in the real jewel of a coffeeshop that is Pili Pala in Tonteg, Rhondda Cynon Taf. *****As you read please double-click on images to bring them up nice and … Continue reading Little Jewel – Pili Pala Coffee Shop