Jack Russell Love – some simple sketches

Just did a few simple and rough Jack Russell pencil sketches in my big new sketchbook. Used a Derwent Onyx Medium pencil for a rich scruffy line. Here are some photos of my girls Dotty and Tilly taken in my back garden this summer. I want to paint them in watercolour so watch this space. Below is a painting I did of Dotty a few … Continue reading Jack Russell Love – some simple sketches

So I drew a Monsterra

A Monsterra not a monster:) Sitting very quietly and focusing on one leaf at a time I draw the contours of this – one of my fave indoor plants – as an exercise in observation and modified contour drawing. It is very relaxing. Read all about this technique in Betty Edwards’s book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.I have this plant sprawling recklessly … Continue reading So I drew a Monsterra