What’s New in the Studio this Month

LONG HARD WINTER After a long 4 wintry months of recovery from a full hysterectomy and then the disruption of Beast from the East – I am finally emerging from my hibernation and getting a wiggle on artwise. The above blue bottle still life was what I painted for a new watercolour group at Chapel Cottage Studio this week. We used this limited palette of … Continue reading What’s New in the Studio this Month

Simply Sketching – Vegetables From Life

Spent a fruitful (or should that be vegful!) morning this morning sketching vegetables from life in pencil. I have a gorgeous Technalo 3B pencil by Caran d’Ache which is velvety yet delicate and gives a superb and sensitive line. As I am preparing to submit some vegetable artwork to a magazine I wanted to really get to know my way around these vegetables so I … Continue reading Simply Sketching – Vegetables From Life

Recent sketches and doodles

Here are a few contour and blind contour drawings that I’ve done this last few weeks. Blind Contour drawing completely frees me artistically – it is very exciting and a bit anxiety producing but it makes you let go and just draw slowly and sensitively – I love it! Don’t know what Blind and Contour are? Click here to be enlightenend! CONTOUR DRAWING – http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/135191/contour-drawingContinue reading Recent sketches and doodles

Creating a Seasonal Watercolour Wreath

I love wreaths and in fact still have my Christmas one (artificial) hanging on the inside of my kitchen door! I see gorgeous autumn and Spring ones and love the rustic, natural look of them all. When I go onto Pinterest I heart loads of them as they are so appealing to me. With Christmas coming this is a great excuse to get all those … Continue reading Creating a Seasonal Watercolour Wreath