Tonal Studies – Not for the Faint-hearted!

Well we all love colour and detail and texture in paintings but that is all just decoration and frippery compared to the big boys of painting – the tonal masses! DEFINITION of a TONE (or VALUE as they say in the USA) : A tone is the relative lightness or darkness of an object irrespective of its actual colour. If you, at the outset of … Continue reading Tonal Studies – Not for the Faint-hearted!

Art Blossom Day

This Thursday I had two ladies  – Christine and Barbara – come to my home studio for a watercolour painting day. They are members of Pentyrch Art Society and I have also know Christine from when we were both painting at Arnold Lowrey’s watercolour classes years and years ago. There was much chat about types of paint, brands of paper and models of palettes and … Continue reading Art Blossom Day