Gone Fishing – Watercolour Discus Fish

Just the other day I was asked to paint some fishes of the tropical kind. Not a commission as such just a broad request. So I scurried off to my image bank and fished (sorry) out some lovely Discus, Angel and Tang fish images. I was spoilt for choice but settled on 3 pairs. The first I attempted are these stunning Discus fish. They have … Continue reading Gone Fishing – Watercolour Discus Fish

Summer Nursery Ideas

We’re all in seaside mood and enjoying some time spent by the water – so I have collected some of my sealife art to enjoy all things nautical and perhaps help with ideas for Mums wanting to create a seaside nursery look:)   A blue crab could add a jaunty feel to a room whilst this tranquil fish is rather soothing don’t you think? Always … Continue reading Summer Nursery Ideas