Watercolour Toucan Demo

Toucans to me are endlessly paintable. Between their phenomenal beaks and dramatic plumage in a rainbow of colours they have a charm and antic personality that draws me in. They move slow and then suddenly fast – they incline and rock and that wink! Talking of winking – the toucan’s eye has a lot of layers and has a feeling of being embedded in that … Continue reading Watercolour Toucan Demo

Painting Birds in Watercolour

If you love animals and work in watercolour no doubt you will probably have tried painting birds. The endless array of species of beautiful birds will keep us painting for  a lifetime and watercolour lends itself perfectly to capture the feather colours and textures with ease. You can use flowing wet into wet techniques in the early stages of painting birds; adding darker colours to … Continue reading Painting Birds in Watercolour

Gouache Pheasant Head Study

I’m using gouache to do a head study of a pheasant as I have been commissioned to paint a very big one (A3) in watercolour. I took about 45 mins to paint this one (the drawing took 20 mins) and it has helped me to really identify and isolate colours so that I am ready to tackle it in watercolour. I wet the whole pheasant … Continue reading Gouache Pheasant Head Study

4 of the Nest – Songbird Art Collection – New For Spring

I had painted these little birds a year or two ago. For this Spring I have resized them so that they sit harmoniously together as a whimsical set of 4. We have a cheeky Robin, a tiny Wren, a debonair Blue Tit and a cagey Kingfisher. All well-loved British birds. To go to my gallery to browse other sets click  HERE. But there’s MORE! Question:- … Continue reading 4 of the Nest – Songbird Art Collection – New For Spring

What am I going to get HIM for Christmas?!

If your man or any male on your shopping list for this Xmas is an animal lover may I take all the pain out of gift choosing for you? Pick one of my natural and authentic animal portraits that will be a well-received keepsake to outlast other gifts. My prints cannot be found on the high street and I print, sign and date each one … Continue reading What am I going to get HIM for Christmas?!