Become a Watercolour Whizz!

Starting this week on Youtube I am offering a short and sweet single colour watercolour study! These will come out every fortnight and will help you glean watercolour techniques. Start today by painting this simple orange pumpkin. Getting regular and simple practice is great for beginners as well as seasoned painters! Keep your skills sharp and enjoy painterly peace, pleasure & prowess! Alison Continue reading Become a Watercolour Whizz!

This Week’s Art

This week has seen a lot of art being made:) Tuesday daytime – I was teaching my Art Spirit Painter’s Group how to paint a tall ship Tuesday evening I was doing a watercolour horse demonstration to Sully Art Group Friday afternoon was spent with my growing Tonteg Art Spirit Painter’s group where we painted a Moroccan doorway and on Saturday morning I gave a one … Continue reading This Week’s Art

Original Watercolour Sale – This Weekend!

Art sale this weekend! All prices reduced. Grab an original now to enhance your space – direct from me, the artist:) 10 of my original watercolours are up for sale – to view more images of each one or to buy click on any of the paintings below. Easy to frame! Most of my paintings are standard photo size so you just buy a supermarket … Continue reading Original Watercolour Sale – This Weekend!

Treat yourself to some art supplies!

Why not!? It’s an investment in yourself to get some new gear and supplies now and then. As I am teaching a lot now I have a perfect reason to go paint and equipment shopping! Top of my list this month was to treat myself to 2 brand spanking new Frank Webb watercolour palettes. My fist one bought 20 years ago is still in use … Continue reading Treat yourself to some art supplies!

Painting Cherries in Watercolour – step-by-step demo

Always a satisfying subject to paint cherries are. I love their beautiful red, claret colour and the  spindly curvy stems. They make a beautiful composition no matter how you place them in readiness to paint.   Here is a group of 5 cherries with stems. I just used Arches hot pressed 90lbs paper and a Size 6 and a szie 3 round brush plus Cadmium … Continue reading Painting Cherries in Watercolour – step-by-step demo

The Crown and Corgi

A few weeks before the Jubilee set in I was approached by designer Alexandra Collins for a special jubilee polo event. Alex was after my jubilee corgi watercolor image for use in a pub sign for Polo in the Park, Hurlingham Park on 8th, 9th and 10th June. I excitedly agreed and here I present my royal corgi in situ on her very grand swinging pub sign. Here … Continue reading The Crown and Corgi

The Castaway Collection – beach inspired sealife art

Dreaming of dipping my feet in the surf of a sandy beach and drifting along the shoreline scanning for whatever the ocean has cast upon the sands led me to paint a series of sealife paintings. Featuring corals, shells, and seaweeds I wanted a botannical collector look for these special limited edition prints. I  will only create 15 of each one. They will be printed … Continue reading The Castaway Collection – beach inspired sealife art