Watercolour Whizz Episode 5 – Red Fire Hydrant

Watercolour Whizz Episode 5 – Red Fire Hydrant Paint this simple, single-colour watercolour study with me. This time it’s a red American fire hydrant. For some reason these fire hydrants always remind me of that 70’s catroon show Top Cat! So dig out a red and a turquoise blue paint and follow along with me. Want the paintalong pack to help you then click the … Continue reading Watercolour Whizz Episode 5 – Red Fire Hydrant

Watercolour Wonder

In our days choc full of information and fact how about we hop off this known merrygoround and splosh about with nameless shapes for a while. What better medium to use to do that than the mercurial watercolour. For it is only with watercolour that you can let the wildness in you flow freely. It runs, it bleeds and it explodes and unlike acrylic it … Continue reading Watercolour Wonder

First 2018 Bustle from the Studio

Happy 2018 to my readers! After having a full hysterectomy on 16th November I’ve obviously been laid pretty low and had to take things very, very slowly indeed. But now things are easing up a bit pain and discomfort wise and so I am doing what I can to get ready for my weekly classes which start again in Pontypridd on March 2nd. It is … Continue reading First 2018 Bustle from the Studio

This Week’s Art

This week has seen a lot of art being made:) Tuesday daytime – I was teaching my Art Spirit Painter’s Group how to paint a tall ship Tuesday evening I was doing a watercolour horse demonstration to Sully Art Group Friday afternoon was spent with my growing Tonteg Art Spirit Painter’s group where we painted a Moroccan doorway and on Saturday morning I gave a one … Continue reading This Week’s Art

How to paint a Rhodesian Ridgeback

She is drop-dead gorgeous, is tan year round and commands authority whenever she appears! Who other than Berk – the most stunning Rhodesian Ridgeback I have ever seen. Her Mum Whitney has asked me to paint her two Ridgebacks and so here I present Berk. My initial pencil drawing was the basis for the subsequent watercolour washes. Over a few days I added more form … Continue reading How to paint a Rhodesian Ridgeback


Finally got a chance today to sit down with my idea for painting a hare in amongst the grass – here is my earlier post about that if you want to see where I’m coming from:) https://eastwitching.com/2013/10/11/new-ideas-animals-in-the-landscape/ I had done all my tasks and duties yesterday to clear a timespace to devote to this idea which will just not be still in my mind! I … Continue reading Nocturn

More Moroccan Door Paintings

I have found some gorgeous doors that really appeal to me. So here we go in watercolour. I am using Arches hot pressed 90lb 100% cotton rag paper. The first door is pure butter! Yellow crumbly walls surround an even more yellow antique wooden door. Such a feast for the eyes. Please click on any image to bring it up large so you can see … Continue reading More Moroccan Door Paintings

Art Demo – Simple Rose Bud in Watercolour for Mum on Mother’s Day

I love pale pink and this delicate rose is a unique way to say happy Mother’s Day. If you are into making home-made gifts you could paint it and frame it or make a card out of it.                     Here we go.                   Paper is Arches Hot pressed … Continue reading Art Demo – Simple Rose Bud in Watercolour for Mum on Mother’s Day