Painting Horses in Watercolour

I have had this gorgeous horse image in my image bank for months now and have been building up to painting it.   I finally completed it and enjoyed getting the muzzle min particular to a high degree of finish – something I have never done before as I found it very hard. That was remedied in part thanks to 10 weeks spent studying … Continue reading Painting Horses in Watercolour

Painting Goats in Watercolour

THOSE EYES! They have those strange hypnotic eyes – don’t they? – goats? Their pupils are a distinctive horizontal ellipse and added to their cloven hooves and raffish beards they are very paintable. As some subscribers will have read I visited a local small holding last month and actually smoothed and petted a goat for the first time in my life. She was a petite … Continue reading Painting Goats in Watercolour

Top 5 Qualities I Strive for in my Watercolours

  There are so many brilliant watercolour artists around these days aren’t there? Just a brief search on Google brings up a plethora of distinctive styles all using this elegant and mercurial medium. There are many techniques, approaches and special additives you can add to watercolour to experiment further with different effects. Being immersed in art we all feed off one another to a degree – one … Continue reading Top 5 Qualities I Strive for in my Watercolours

Watercolour Dog Portraits

PUPPY LOVE! Commission an original watercolour portrait of your dog:) A unique surprise gift for birthdays or any special occasion! All I need from you are VERY high res images. Prices start at £95 (or $145) for an 8×10 inch original painting on 100% archival cotton rag paper. I also do larger sizes…   I ship worldwide too. Turnaround time from request to completed painting … Continue reading Watercolour Dog Portraits

Mad About the Koi, watercolor koi paintings

Just recently I had a hankering to paint those gorgeous koi carp. Their dramatic and wild orange red splotches against the white of their body were just begging to be captured in watercolour. I imagined painting them fast and loose at the early stages using wet into wet technique. That was what I did and it was a thrilling experience. I loved how the orange … Continue reading Mad About the Koi, watercolor koi paintings