BEST PALETTE & Not Wasting Watercolour Paints

If you use tube paints you may not know that there are special lidded palettes available! WHY LIDDED? Arnold Lowreys Watercolour Palette Well these palettes allow you to cover your luscious moist paints when not in use and save you money. If you are someone who squirts tiny blobs of paint around the edges of a white dinner plate and then resorts to stretching a … Continue reading BEST PALETTE & Not Wasting Watercolour Paints

Painting Bulldogs in Watercolour

Here’s a review of what’s been going on in my studio this week including – Completion of two bulldog commissions in watercolour Painting these two gorgeous bulldogs was a real joy this week. Not that they didn’t give me a bit of trouble in places mind you! Their famous muzzles were a piece of work with all those soft folds and blended black patches to … Continue reading Painting Bulldogs in Watercolour