Two Rivers Paper – a handmade dream

A few months ago on a gloriously hot spring day I went with a friend to Pitt Mill in Watchet, Somerset. I had heard about Two Rivers Paper on the internet and covetously read enticing descriptions about its magical properties: its double sizing, its rough deckle edges and its content of cotton linters and linen. But for a while I balked at the slightly more … Continue reading Two Rivers Paper – a handmade dream

Top 5 New Watercolour Materials and Equipment to acquire!

Tis the season to go spending and whilst I have a limited amount with which to splurge there are 5 items that have been spiralling around in my artist’s head to acquire for many months now! 1) Some Maimeriblu watercolours. I have been using the fabulous Winsor & Newton almost exclusively now for over a year and want somethingh fresh! Some new bold Hue! And … Continue reading Top 5 New Watercolour Materials and Equipment to acquire!

Away with the Fairies

There is something very attractive about Fly Agaric mushrooms to me. Perhaps it is their association with fairy-tales and magic that appeals to my inner child. I suddenly had the urge to paint one a few days ago and so I scoured the internet for images and began sketching my own impression. I did a single one first so that I could study its form … Continue reading Away with the Fairies