Watercolour Enchantment

Do you yearn to escape to the natural deep calm of the evergreens? On my new watercolour course we will gather our paints and wander far into the pinetree woodlands and paint enchanted flora and fauna. To learn more about what you will get from this course click here –https://the-pottering-artist.teachable.com/p/painting-watercolour-forests-the-enchanted-evergreen Enrolment is now open! Here is the course curriculum above – we will cover a … Continue reading Watercolour Enchantment

Watercolourists! Let Me Enchant You…

If you yearn to paint the magic and mystery of evergreen forests at dusk and if you need to be taken by the hand and shown myriad techniques and approaches to evoke the wonder of the wild woodland then this course is for you! https://mailchi.mp/bb96c6cef3ee/o5m9786vdm I will show you how to paint not only isolated and detailed studies of pinecones, fungi, forest textures and the … Continue reading Watercolourists! Let Me Enchant You…

Paint Poeple in Watercolour – easy Japanese geisha!

Become a PEACE membership art students of mine today – https://www.patreon.com/join/thepotteringartist? Ever fancy painting the gorgeous decadence of a geisha in colourful kimono? Well here is a sweet watercolour tutorial preview for you. https://www.patreon.com/join/thepotteringartist? In under 9 minutes see my process from start to finish. It can be yours too! Joining my watercolour projects club on Patreon via this link and choosing PEACE membership at … Continue reading Paint Poeple in Watercolour – easy Japanese geisha!

Become a Watercolour Whizz!

Starting this week on Youtube I am offering a short and sweet single colour watercolour study! These will come out every fortnight and will help you glean watercolour techniques. Start today by painting this simple orange pumpkin. Getting regular and simple practice is great for beginners as well as seasoned painters! Keep your skills sharp and enjoy painterly peace, pleasure & prowess! Alison Continue reading Become a Watercolour Whizz!

Re-enchant the World one Child at a Time

Look at what dead, spiritless plastic junk we give our babies, toddlers and young children to play with. It is shocking how these young, impressionable fingers will hold mostly man-made objects for the first days, weeks, months and years of their lives. That thought worries me as they are from birth disconnected from elemental things – earthy things – mother nature’s feel. How will children … Continue reading Re-enchant the World one Child at a Time

Sketching my Jack Russell whilst Watching TV

Just lately I have cleared an awful lot of big and scary art business deadlines such as course writing and magazine publishing. Now their looming presence is gone I feel freer and moer relaxed. The other night as I sat and watched Vera I had the added comfort of my Khadi journal open on my lap, my Jack Russell Tilly by my side and my … Continue reading Sketching my Jack Russell whilst Watching TV

Structure Keeps you Sane

If even getting down to some art feeling like wading through treacle then establishing a simple plan will help. We are all busy with life – errands, duties, work, should and must do’s so even trying to get some art time seems like an obstacle course. This is where structure comes in This year I am going to put time aside for not painting but … Continue reading Structure Keeps you Sane

Planning a Year’s Watercolour Classes

PLANNING for PEACE I teach a private weekly watercolour class for 18 super people. The task of getting 39 weekly watercolour classes planned for the academic year 18-19 has been exciting, hard and satisfying. Ultimately has given my poor old mind peace instead of constantly thinking about what to paint for next class each week. I decided to get to grips with my planning as … Continue reading Planning a Year’s Watercolour Classes