What went on in the basement!

Aha! I see you are reading on! Well down in the basement of the Student’s Union at the University of Glamorgan on Wednesday there were a lot of goings on.

Firstly an art/craft and business fair with local women entrepreneurs showing and selling their products. Then there were visiting speakers including Cheryl Bass who gave a great talk about I am Woman – an organisation which she founded to support women in their pursuit of achievement –  as well as others talking about subjects close to their heart and inspirational to boot.

The whole day was linked to the International Women’s Day celebrations and organised by Christine Atkinson Deputy Director Centre for Enterprise (Head of Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub).

A lovely day was had by all as we chatted, lunched, networked, oohed and ahhed at each others offerings (my faves were the marzipan chocolate fingers from Sarah of www.sjchocolates.com

and the incredibly sumptuous Italian wedding album  (plus all the stunningly evocative and professional photographs inside) by Rachel of www.rachellambertphotography.co.uk

There were so many others and so if you are a woman with her own business and want to get connected to others then please feel free to do any of the following!

5 ways you can get involved with the Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub: 1.  Visit our WEEU project website for film clips and inspirational stories from women entrepreneurs, case and teaching materials and/or apply to join our Weeu Consortium:  http://www.weeu.eu 2.  Look out for our events to mark  International Women’s Day 2012 and Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 –  email weh@glam.ac.uk 3.  Contact weh@glam.ac.uk to book a place at our monthly new@glam events (Networking Entrepreneurial Women) or our monthly Women’s Business Workshops 4.   Contact me to reserve a place on Women’s Entrepreneurship Short Courses or Summer School, June 2012 –  email weh@glam.ac.uk 5. See our web pages http://enterprise.research.glam.ac.uk/women/

A big thank you from me to Melissa of Lemon Blues – for telling me about this event

– and to Christine and Chandi for organising it:)

4 thoughts on “What went on in the basement!

  1. I actually thought of you earlier today…there are a pair of turtledoves that have taken up residence outside my bedroom window and they sometimes perch right on the ledge and stare at me. They are so pretty–they remind me of something you’d paint!

    1. Hi Lindy – well you know thanks for telling me that because just recently I have been thinking about new birsd to paint and lovebirds was one of them – but also turtledoves!

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