Raised by the Forest

This title captivated me as I long for a more earthy connection. Read about how Saga Mariah Sandberg from Sweden absorbs and channels her woodland environnment into her beautiful art via this link – https://anotherescape.com/featured-stories/raised-by-the-forest Meantime – her is a delightful taset of the whole article – read and be enchanted and encouraged as a nature artist… “From an early age, I would draw everything around … Continue reading Raised by the Forest

Waste Not Want Not

Working as a freelance artist every little helps and so I have managed to not waste a single scrap of my A3+ sized archival Epson printing paper. At £35 a pack of 20 sheets you can see why. I use this paper exclusively to print my archival animal watercolours. For the last 5 years since I’ve been a self-employed artist selling on Etsy.com I’ve used … Continue reading Waste Not Want Not