Woodland Nursery Wreath Collection

I’d like to introduce a cute collection of woodland animals that I painted in watercolour. They are a chubby brown bear, a curious kit, a demure bunny and an innocent fawn. The charm of woodland animals makes them lovely subjects for nurseries and to give them just a hint of flora too I painted a watercolour wreath featuring green leaves and orange berries – just … Continue reading Woodland Nursery Wreath Collection

All in a morning’s walk

Come with me on my usual morning spin with my two JRT’s Dotty and Tilly. It’s a lovely, easy walk straight up into a wooded lane with a stream and up onto gently rolling farmland. I do this walk when I want peace and quiet as it is very seldom used by anyone else – except the odd dog walker and we don’t mind those. … Continue reading All in a morning’s walk