Watercolour Demo – Fly Agaric Mushrooms 2nd Part

OK – for those painters of you who are sitting there with paintbrush in mid-air waiting to get at those mushrooms again here are the next steps!         (Here is Part 1 – https://eastwitching.com/2013/02/09/art-demo-watercolour-fly-agaric-mushrooms/ But first – here is how they have ended today after the work I did on them this afternoon…I popped them in a virtual frame to give them … Continue reading Watercolour Demo – Fly Agaric Mushrooms 2nd Part

Away with the Fairies

There is something very attractive about Fly Agaric mushrooms to me. Perhaps it is their association with fairy-tales and magic that appeals to my inner child. I suddenly had the urge to paint one a few days ago and so I scoured the internet for images and began sketching my own impression. I did a single one first so that I could study its form … Continue reading Away with the Fairies