Getting in a really Fowl Mood for Christmas

Not literally but artistically! I have been asked to paint s pheasant and a goose. The goose is from a photo I took of one near Caerphilly castle where I live last May. She could make a lovely accent piece in a rustic country kitchen or equally in a farmyard themed nursery perhaps:) To purchase a print of this goose please click here – reading Getting in a really Fowl Mood for Christmas

Gouache Pheasant Head Study

I’m using gouache to do a head study of a pheasant as I have been commissioned to paint a very big one (A3) in watercolour. I took about 45 mins to paint this one (the drawing took 20 mins) and it has helped me to really identify and isolate colours so that I am ready to tackle it in watercolour. I wet the whole pheasant … Continue reading Gouache Pheasant Head Study