Colourful Butterfly Cushions and Bags

BUTTERFLY MADNESS! I seem to be suffering from butterfly madness this last 10 days! I have painted lots of styles and shapes and sizes and all with an imaginary slant.   LET RIP WITH YOUR IMAGINATION! Not one of my butterflies exists in real life. I wanted to paint freely and expressively reaching for whatever colours on my palette that drew my eye. I hope you … Continue reading Colourful Butterfly Cushions and Bags

Painting Butterflies in Watercolour

I felt the urge to paint some loose and abstract butterflies this week and so I dusted down my camcorder and filmed my progress. I hope you enjoy watching and that you may like to try them too. Techniques and materials I used hot pressed watercolour paper and Winsor & Newton tube watercolour paint. Each butterfly has several layers or washes and I leave each … Continue reading Painting Butterflies in Watercolour

Animal Magic – start your OWN animal gallery in 2013

Appealing and whimsical animal art adds a certain natural essence to any space you wish to transform. If you love nature in all her glorious forms I have a large selection of animal watercolours that I have painted over the last 3 years. Prior to that I had never painted an animal as I found them too challenging but a lady asked me to paint … Continue reading Animal Magic – start your OWN animal gallery in 2013