Sketching Geese in Pencil

This morning I had the urge to put pencil to paper and geese were on my mind. They appeal to me because of their associations with fairytales and golden eggs and a bit of magic. They also make good guard dogs and one once bit my father’s thumb really badly. I use big A3 pads of cheap paper from Poundstretcher etc so that when I … Continue reading Sketching Geese in Pencil

Art Demo – white chicken in watercolour

Finally! Walked dog, done washing, cleaned kitchen and had lunch. What a marathon. Now I can sit down to paint. Here is my earlier post about a white chicken’s head that I painted in watercolour. Today I am starting afresh with a new chicken and am going to have a bash at painting her. I am pleased with the drawing which took me ages … Continue reading Art Demo – white chicken in watercolour

I will paint a white chicken if it kills me!

I have been prevented from painting many animals that are white – why? Because I can’t do it! I find it very hard to paint white fur and feathers convincingly. Painting white on white watercolour paper is of course very tricky. To quote a famous artist “With the tools of darkness he labours after light”. But some artists manage it beautifully – so there must … Continue reading I will paint a white chicken if it kills me!

Feeling Fowl? Paint a chicken!

Had the urge to get some stunning poultry photos yesterday and these 3 lovelies are what I found! What do you think? A pure white hen scratching for corn, a pheasant looking like he’s on the run and a sophisticated and proud cockerel that I am dying to paint. But – first things first. I drew the cockerel on a large A3 pad with a … Continue reading Feeling Fowl? Paint a chicken!