Fashion Illustration – with watercolour

Meet the fashion illustrators! This week in my Friday watercolour class in Tonteg, South Wales we did a retro sewing pattern cover illustration. The models were two 50’s women in fitted bodice blouses and wide flouncy skirts. This was a photographic image. We started with the face using a flesh coloured wash of rose madder genuine and raw sienna. To make delicate shadows on the … Continue reading Fashion Illustration – with watercolour

Waste Not Want Not

Working as a freelance artist every little helps and so I have managed to not waste a single scrap of my A3+ sized archival Epson printing paper. At £35 a pack of 20 sheets you can see why. I use this paper exclusively to print my archival animal watercolours. For the last 5 years since I’ve been a self-employed artist selling on I’ve used … Continue reading Waste Not Want Not

Painting Goats in Watercolour

THOSE EYES! They have those strange hypnotic eyes – don’t they? – goats? Their pupils are a distinctive horizontal ellipse and added to their cloven hooves and raffish beards they are very paintable. As some subscribers will have read I visited a local small holding last month and actually smoothed and petted a goat for the first time in my life. She was a petite … Continue reading Painting Goats in Watercolour